Asbestos Survey Projects Legislation

The legislation regarding asbestos is clear. Every commercial premises in the UK should by now have been subject to an asbestos survey report and measures taken to manage any asbestos and materials containing asbestos. Your failure to have this information and a management plan in place could result in prosecution by the HSE.

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 places an explicit duty on those responsible for workplace safety in relation to asbestos. Every person who has, by virtue of a contract or tenancy, an obligation of any extent in relation to the maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises or any means of access to or from such premises. Where there is no contract or tenancy every person who has control of that part of the non-domestic premises or any means of access to or from such premises. Where there is more than one Duty Holder, the relative contribution to be made by each such person in complying with the requirements of this regulation will be determined by the nature and extent of the maintenance and repair obligation owed by that person.

Any duty holder must now:

  • Take reasonable steps to determine the location and nature of asbestos and presumed asbestos materials present by May 21st 2004.
  • Keep and regularly update a register of the location, condition, maintenance and removal of all asbestos materials.
  • Manage all aspects of asbestos materials that are to remain in place by means of a management plan.
  • Inform anyone who is likely to disturb asbestos containing material about its location and condition.

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Asbestos Survey Projects Ltd are able to assist responsible Duty Holders to comply with the regulations concerning asbestos, asbestos survey reports and recommendations concerning the safe removal of asbestos. Please feel free to contact Asbestos Survey Projects Ltd for expert and friendly advice on all aspects of asbestos handling in buildings and remedial action and advice in respect of asbestos removal. Asbestos Survey Projects Ltd are keen to stress that they are purely an asbestos surveying company, and feel that companies with an asbestos disposal division often recommend unnecessary removal, when leaving the ACM in place, and therefore not disturbing the asbestos fibres, is the best option. In these instances, Asbestos Survey Projects Ltd can provide a management system where the condition of the ACM is regularly monitored – another aspect of the Regulation.

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